Over the previous few years the duty on petrol has seen a considerable rise, so also the duty on diesel. The long-standing projections for duty on both petrol and diesel are set to continue to increase. Liquid petroleum gas on the other hand has seen duty levels fall and is now stationary for the next 2 years
At City Gas Car we offer an extensive array of services from complete restorations to Gas Conversions, simple repairs to servicing, MOT work to sales all of which are completed in a pleasant affable manner.
We provide dual fuel kit. The user can alternate between petrol and gas within seconds. We hardly call it conversion from petrol to gas, since it only involves the installation of an additional feature, viz. the gas conversion kit.
Pressure regulator vapurizer
The Pressure regulator vapurizer is used in the LPG supply system for endothermic four stroke engines with controled ignition and is used to reduce and regulate the amount of LPG to be supplied to the engine it may be used for either carburetor engines, injection engines and also injection catalyst engines. It may be made up of 2 or 3 pressure stages but in both cases the last stage is the type with vacuum out put.The pressure regulators - vaporizers for LPG are equipped with a safety valve that is fitted on the first stage and aheatinf chamber in which the engine coolant circulates.
LPG Solenoid is a valve with electro-magnetic control that is installed along the connection piping between the LPG tank and the pressure regulator - vaporizer. It is installef to intercept the flow of LPG when the engine is not running. The solenoid valve is equipped with a filter where the LPG is filtered from any impurities.
Petrol Solenoid is a valve with electro-magnetic control that is installed along the connection piping between the mechanical pump and the carburetor. It is installed to intercept the flow of petrol when the engine is running on gaseous fuel.
LPG Solenoid
Petrol Solenoid
Lambda AntipollutionDevice      
Sequent 24 LPG GENIUS Reducer/Vaporizer
Diaphragm single-stage type
Set out pressure:
120 kPa or 150 kPa related to the air-intake manifold pressure
No bleeding needed
Max. capacity to feed with SEQUENT 24 SYSTEM: 140 kW
Regulation: R67-01
LPG Sequent 24/56 Genius MAX Reducer/Vaporizer
Build up with single stage with diaphragms
Adjusted pressure:
150 kPa as for the suction manifold pressure
No need of draining operations
Maximum fed engine power with SEQUENT 24: 160 kW
Approval: R67-01
Electro-injector BRC "IN03"
Floating shutter during friction absence
Impedance: 2.04 Ω / 2.35 mH a 20 oC
Temperature: -40 0C ÷ 120 oC
Votage: 6V ÷ 16 V
Tightness: rubber on metal
Noise: < 90 dB
Regulation: R67-01;R 110
Sequent 24 electronic control unit
Operating Temperature: -40 0C ÷ 125 0C
CPU: Motorala MC9S12DG128B
Electronical Components: the ECU is all SMT except for the relays,
some condensers and some power components
Consumption: max 200 mA (except for sensors and actuators)
Operating voltage: 8 V ÷ 16 V
"SICMA" FCI 24-pole connector
IP67 protection degree
Regulation : R67-01 ; R110 ; R10
FJ1 HE Gaseous Phase filter
Filter with cartridge
Loss of pressure: 35 kPa with Q= 18000
NI/h air
Approval: R67-01 ; R110
LPG Reducer
LPG Reducer
Adance Closeloop System/Lambda Feedback System
Gas Solenoid
Deerghayushman Bhava
A good blood circulation respiration is inevitable for good and perfect health.
Makes blood circulation normal
Helps discharge excess of latic acid and uric acid from the body
Annihilale stiffness of the bones and ---
The overall blood circulation offers enough Oxygen to the cells and helps live a long life
By putting force on the pressure pts of the hands and legs, it leads to the speedy functions of kidney,respiratory organs,lives,heart and brain
Standing static for 15 minutes is equivalent to walking for 5 Kilo Meters .
Removes impurities without meditation.
It removes blockage in the arteries,nerves and veins thus reducing risk of cardiocarrest .
Micro Computer Controlled Weight Reducing Belt
  “A Multi-utility belt that enhances metabolism, relaxes fatigue & improves blood circulation”
In order to keep you fit and slim Tianshi has developed a micro computer controlled weight reducing belt. It is a health care product, which has been sold both at home, and abroad for more than 6 years. Using strong permanent magnets and 8 kind of vibrating modes it stimulates the desired part and helps in increasing muscle tone & weight reduction.
Belt is based on two therapies:-
Vibrating Massage
Magnetic Field    
Blood pressure will be controlled within few minutes
Relax, Release.. any mental tension
Radiation from mobile phones and computer
Device got 8 inter national awards
Using 190 countries
“It works with human bio electricity and magnetism”
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